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Historical notes on the borough, villages and hamlets, which form today the parish and the commune of Monselie



County town of the parish and of the district, la Monselie is a small borough well built on the hillock of the same name, about half way between Antignac and Menet. La Monselie’s climate is very good, but the south and west winds can be felt strongly.

In 1757, la Monselie had the following houses: Durand, Veyssier, Pierre Roussel known as Boughou, Jean Noël, Sir François Fournier, Guillaume Vidal.

La Monselie is the birthplace of Pierre Chanut, ambassador.




The biggest built-up area of the parish, Arfeuille is a beautiful village located at the south west of the borough. It could have become the county town but Mr Brun, deputy mayor of Murades, was opposed to it. According to the tradition, his arguments were the following ones: "Our village is quiet, the church will occupy our local ground, the children from others villages will wreck our gardens, our properties will be turned into footpaths, etc. "

We cannot tell if it is true but this village, in spite of some worthy exceptions, offers more in appearance than in value. As for its old peacefulness, it gave way to an actual restlessness:
" Arfeuilles is the village of the confusion of the spirits. "

At the end of 1911, a dairy and an inn were opened.

In 1757, Arfeuilles had twenty-four houses.


Lauzeral or l'ozeral

Small village located at the north-west of the borough, not far away. Lauzeral stands on a spendid setting with a beautiful sight on all the Sumène valley from Salsignac.

This is here that Lord de Pompignac and Father Noël surrounded by all the population of Murat, decided the creation of the new parish. Population still remembers this solemn discussion. Unfortunately, the secular oak that used to shelter the assembly has disappeared since.

Three houses in 1757: François Cheyrier, Requiste, Jacques Noël, Chanut’s son-in-law, Etienne Juillard.



Small village located in a gorge above le Vignon and below Lauzeral.

In 1460, Lady Gallienne de la Jugée Guy married Guy de la Roche, landlord of Loupiac, who owned these places including Pradaget and la Valette.

In 1757: François Jouve, Jacques Prat, Antoine Chavinier.



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