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Parochial Archives

The parochial archives are not very significant; they include the catholicity registers from 1858 until today. The death records of the first 10 years are missing.

There is also a series of pastoral mandements from Marc de Pompignac, Baduel, Lamouroux, but this series is not complete.

Since 906, one can find the complete collection of the catholic week, and consequently all the pastoral mandements and official releases of His Highness My Lord Lecoeur.

The collection of the diocesan order is incomplete: still, no order is missing since 1875.

There is therefore no inventory to draw up from these records.

As for the historical register, there is nothing more than two books containing the deliberations of the Parochial Council.

As coutomary, following is what we found:

We transcribe the complete text below because it is on loose leaves:

Customary of the parish of la Monselie 1875:

All Saints' Day:

Day vespers at 3 AM followed by the vespers of the dead, then by the offering of a dish which income belongs to the priest and finally by the procession to the cemetery while singing the Miserere. At the cemetery Libera sung in front of the cross and one De Profundis sung in front of the chapel of Mr. NoŽl, priest of Chaillot. De Profundis is sung on the way back.

November the 2nd celebrates hearts:

First mass at breakdown, Libera and offerings. Other mass at 9 AM. The grain left at the church entrance is shared with the priest. A card of grain at 3.5 francs for each altar boy. This 0.50 franc is taken out of the funds of the souls. Prayers before, during and after the masses at the communion table.


3 masses: at midnight, the other three as follows: the first one at 8:00 AM, the second one at 9:30 AM, the

third one is sung at 10:30 AM. Evening vespers and blessing of the Blessed Sacrament.

Prayers of the 40 hours:

On sunday during the first mass and continued exposure until the great mass followed by vespers and the blessing. On monday and tuesday, exposure at the first mass starting at 7:45 AM and blessing after the second one starting at 9:00 AM.

During the Lent:

Blessing on wednesday and friday at 8 AM. Only one blessing is given on the 1st and 3rd sunday of the month and on holiday.

February the 2nd:

Purification of the Blessed Virgin. Patronal festival of the children of Mary and of the two schools. Great mass with short speeches, exposure and reception of the children of Mary and blessing of the Blessed Sacrament. Statue of the Blessed Virgin in the middle of the church.

Meeting of the children of Mary on the 4th sunday of the month, just after the first mass.

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