Being in possession of a number of documents entrusted by a former priest of the parish, that relate the history of the commune of la Monselie, we found interesting to make them available to the public.
The parochial files quoted in the text seem to date from
the middle of this century. We transcribe them on this site while trying to remain as faithful to the authors as possible. This leads us to remain careful as for the strength of certain assertions.
Certain facts can either be misquoted or vague. If you are interested by this commune, find any anomalies, or if you have additional


information, please feel free to let us know so that we can publish them on this site.


As for the birth, marriage or death certificates, we entered them manually into a database in order to be exploited. The birth, marriage and death register covers the period from 1864 to this day. If you are looking for some certificate registered in this commune, please contact us at the following Email address:

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